Business Development & Restructuring

  • Business strategies
    • Understand the actual work effort requirements, goals and objectives
    • Analyze your goals and analyzing your market segmentation models
  • Business process
    • Clarify the process of when, why, where, and how your sales team engages with buyers to shorten the sales cycle and increase your ability to achieve revenue goals
    • Build a bridge from strategy to results, assess your current operating model and determine how to effectively implement a strategic realignment, cost reduction program, or seize any number of other opportunities
  • Business enablement
    • Define and clarify your overall sales strategy, establish best practices, and identify resources that will help deliver significant improvements in sales productivity
    • Maximize your talent strategy by working with you how to build the kind of culture that inspires optimum performance

Tailored Strategic & Operational Development

  • Examine business performance and contribution of each department
  • Conduct an operational audit for the organization structure
  • Capture value across boundaries and between the silos of the organization
  • Apply a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts
  • Identify quick, targeted customized solutions and strategic, operational improvements that can boost underperforming sales, organizations and enhance your-go-to-market strategy

Organizational Alignment

  • Achieve consistent, long-term growth, few companies manage to achieve
  • Define your long-term talent needs and develop a strategy for meeting them, supported by the systems you need to recruit, retain and develop the people your company depends on
  • Develop a corporate strategy that produces sustainable value, one that enables you to reach full potential in your core business, expand into adjacencies using a repeatable model, and successfully expand into new markets
  • Make key decisions on where to play and how to win by developing a business unit strategy that takes a specific business to its full potential

Operational Efficiency

  • Deploy advanced analytics for decision support to improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency, and test the results of your customer-facing digital initiatives to ensure maximum impact
  • Realize savings across all spend categories by building a world-class procurement organization. Help you buy better and spend better. We provide your team with the training, tools, systems and guidance they need to sustain these savings over the long term
  • From procurement to supply chain efficiency, we offer a broad range of experts with deep experience in operations. From the C-suite to the sales team to-the-customer service center, we can help you improve every component of your operations to boost the top and bottom lines

Full Potential Transformation

  • We can show you how to transform your company into a truly agile enterprise
  • Make and execute decisions faster than your competitors, by assessing and developing your decision effectiveness. Once decision is made, we help you execute it quickly and successfully
  • Structure, orchestrate and enable the change your organization needs to make, by focusing on the coaching and capability building that are essential to winning buy-in and making change stick